Working With Multiple Businesses And Google Place Pages

Google recognizes there are many businesses which have multiple locations and offers a simple method for ensuring all your location data gets loaded without having multiple google accounts.

Once you have entered all your data for all your locations, then be sure to delete the rows Google included.  Next, upload the spreadsheet, but clicking the “choose file” button, select your updated spreadsheet, then click the “upload” button.

Google will evaluate your spreadsheet for errors.  If any are found, you’ll be notified about the issue and will be required to fix, and repeat the upload process until your file is clean.

Google will then inform you when the data is ready for edit.  Google says, “The process of adding your businesses to your Google Places account can take a little while (especially for large feeds), so it's best to come back after about an hour to check on your listings. “

The key in getting this right on the first try is to examine the data feed to make sure NAP is correct. NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. Google uses this to verify the location is real. Being 125% sure that your NAP's are perfect before you enter the data will ensure the best landing position from the beginning.

If you are not sure your NAP data is correct, then do not submit your multi-listing data feed thinking you 'll come back later. Be sure the data is correct before you begin.

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